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Assoc. Dr. Barış Ekici (Child Neurology Specialist)

He was born in 1978 in Izmir. He completed his primary education in Istanbul Maçka Primary School; He completed his secondary and high school education at Istanbul Beşiktaş Atatürk Anatolian High School. He graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa English Faculty of Medicine in 2001 and became a medical doctor. He completed his pediatrics specialization in Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Pediatric Clinic in 2007. After receiving his pediatric neurology minor specialization at Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, he was awarded the title of University Associate Professor in 2013. Between 2013-2014, he worked as a Pediatric Neurology Clinical Chief while he was doing his compulsory service at Kocaeli Derince Training and Research Hospital. He still sees patients in the Child Neurology Clinic and carries out scientific studies in the field of autism, epilepsy and dyslexia.

Assoc. Dr. Barış Ekici has four books:

  • Tell Me A Little About Autism
  • Bring Autism to the Game
  • Guide to making life easier for autism
  • Autism Sensory Game

Scientific Studies in Child Neurology

  • Articles published in international peer-reviewed journals: 41 (Pediatric Neurology Journal, Expert Reviews in Neurotherapeutics, European Journal of Pediatric Neurology…)
  • Papers presented at international scientific meetings and published in the proceedings book: 6
  • Written national / international books or chapters in books: 2
  • Articles published in national peer-reviewed journals: 17
  • Papers presented at national scientific meetings and published in proceedings books: 38 pieces

Assoc. Dr. Barış Ekici is a member of Turkey Child Neurology, International Autism Research Association and American Epilepsy Association.

Interests (Pediatric Neurology)

  • Autism (Autism diagnosis and treatment)
  • epilepsy
  • Risky Baby Monitoring
  • Headache, Migraine
  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Developmental coordination disorder
  • Developmental retardation
  • cognitive problems
  • Attendance bouts

For Appointment

Assoc. Dr. You can contact us via WhatsApp to make an appointment with Barış Ekici.

If you wish, you can request information by contacting [email protected] e-mail address,

You can make an appointment request via [email protected].

About NeuroPlay

Assoc. Dr. You can get information from our clinic for NeuroPlay, the NeuroPlay Based Play Therapy method developed by Barış Ekici.

The therapy process that progresses under the supervision of a physician in autism Determination of the child’s suitability and risk factors with pre-therapy assessment Timely and targeted reviews instead of unnecessary audits Medication and supportive treatments for eligible patients Sessions conducted jointly by the Physician and Play Therapist Direct involvement of the family in the therapy process Lifelong skills… NeuroPlay!

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